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We, At Tommy John, #SupportYourBalls

We, At Tommy John, #SupportYourBalls

This will be Tommy John’s third year partnering with TCF. It’s a cause we feel passionately about because, well, the bullpen is our area of expertise. Our minds are always in our pants, thinking about how to improve underwear and keep men comfortable. So let’s talk balls.We constantly strive to upgrade men’s underwear drawer by shining a light where the sun don’t shine, and respect anyone that does the same. TCF’s fearless, some might say ballsy approach, to confronting testicular cancer is a surefire way of focusing the world’s attention to the danger that is unfortunately common in men aged 15-34. Alerting potential sufferers, and arming them with the ability to recognize the early warning signs is the only way to limit the number of men tragically lost unnecessarily to the illness.Testicular Cancer is no laughing matter, but if we can start making small talk with a smile about such a big problem, and find a way that’s personable, approachable and unguarded then we’ll really get the ball(s) rolling toward finally finding a cure. Our credo has always been to make men of substance feel comfortable to be their true selves, and that means being confident enough to talk about their own bodies without embarrassment. If we can initially break the ice in a manner that’s both fun and provocative, we’ll eventually break the silence around the subject.So how can we help? We want to add our voice to the conversation, so this year we’re going balls-out for our TCF dedicated design with balls on balls on balls on socks, boxer briefs and trunks. We’ll be donating 5% of our sales to TCF, so grab as many items as possible and feel free to flash your balls in public to let everyone know why you’re wearing them.


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