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2015 Donation Doubler Challenge

Austin based Non Profit, The Testicular Cancer Foundation looks to raise $250,000 in December with their “Donation Doubler” Campaign.

For the entire month of December, every dollar donated to the Testicular Cancer Foundation is doubled (up to $125k). This money goes to fuel their mission of creating education, awareness and support about Testicular Cancer – The most common cancer in males 15-34.Matt Ferstler, survivor, founder, and CEO; “This is the most important fundraiser of the year for the foundation. It allows us to continue saving the lives of young men through education, awareness, and early detection, along with providing much needed support to those diagnosed.”Testicular Cancer is the number one cancer in young men ages 15 to 34.  According to Ferstler, a self-exam can help detect some of the often overlooked signs of testicular cancer including a lump, hardness or swelling – which many times are not accompanied with any pain.”Connor O’Leary, survivor, and Chief Mission Officer, “Fighting a disease that effects a demographic that is young, feels invincible at times, and is not always cognizant of cancer is an uphill battle. There is a young man dying every single day from a disease that is 99% curable if caught in stage one. Our mission is to change this statistic.”Based in Austin, Texas, the Testicular Cancer Foundation provides educational materials – including shower cards with easy-to-understand information on monthly self-exams – throughout the country. They also have a national speakers’ bureau providing in-person speeches and lectures to schools, parent organizations and groups with young men.With complete transparency, The Testicular Cancer Foundation runs on a 100% model, meaning 100% of every dollar goes directly back to the cause. When someone donates, they can give with confidence, knowing their money is going straight to saving lives, and not salary or overhead.If you are looking for a charity, or place to give this month, please consider the Testicular Cancer Foundation. Contact:           Connor O’LearyTel:                  855.390.8231Email:    


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