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mAss Kickers feature on our founder, Matt Ferstler

Matt Ferstler is a tireless mAss Kicker!  Shortly after his testicular cancer diagnosis, he created The Testicular Cancer Foundation.  He is always on the move. We met him 4 years ago in Austin, Texas and have kept in contact ever since.  We were very fortunate to catch him on his down time and ask him a few questions.mK:  Thanks for hanging out Matt!  First question… What/ when was your diagnosis?  How did you find out about your diagnosis?MF: I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, Jan 23rd 2009. Coming up on my fifth year of remission!mK:  Congrats on 5 years!  What were your initial symptoms?MF: I noticed about a year earlier that I had a few lumps on the left testicle. I didn’t know what that meant. Waited a year and then went to see a urologist.mK: Why did you get involved with advocacy?  What exactly does the Testicular Cancer Foundation do?MF: When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, I honestly didn’t know anything about the disease. Isn’t that crazy? Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer in men ages 15 -34 and I didn’t really know anything about it! So, I guess it just seemed logical to be part of the movement to change that. I wanted to spread the message to anyone and everyone that this is such a curable cancer if young men knew how to do a simple, self-examination and catch it early. So I started the organization—Testicular Cancer Foundation —in October 2009 while I was still going through my own cancer journey.Read the rest here…


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