Our Partners

TCF partners with like-minded corporations to enhance the impact we have on the men's health community. Without their generous support, it would not be possible to carry out our mission of increasing awareness of testicular cancer


Become a Partner

Thank you for considering joining TCF’s corporate team. Corporate partnerships allow us to bring awareness and education of testicular cancer, the most common cancer in males age 15-34, to the forefront while engaging employees and consumers for a positive cause.

TCF’s mission-related activities could not be accomplished without collaboration and partnerships of like-minded organizations and companies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how you can become a Corporate Partner or Sponsor to our activities, events and outreach. A corporation can make outright grants, underwrite the cost of established and/or developing programs and help enable us to conduct various fundraising initiatives. These traditional forms of corporate gifts are extensions of a company’s commitment to philanthropy and are not been directly related to the company’s marketing endeavors.


Tommy John is an innovative, solution-focused men’s underwear brand that is changing the way guys think about underwear with unmatched comfort through innovative design and fabric technology.

Testicles and underwear go hand in hand, so it made perfect sense that we team up with the Testicular Cancer Foundation during Men’s Health Month. We hope to promote awareness of Testicular Cancer by including guidelines on self-examination for early detection with our mustache themed collection of underwear and socks. A portion of the proceeds from these sales will go to TCF. Team Tommy John would like for everyone to spread the word, rock the mustaches, and #SUPPORTYOURBALLS by supporting your balls!

Our products can be purchased online, at select Nordstrom stores, and at other premium retailers across the country. For more information visit their website, http://tommyjohn.com.


Causevox is the official fundraising platform of Testicular Cancer Foundation. They make it secure and easy for donors to help us deliver our mission.


Zapier helps Testicular Cancer Foundation save a ton of time by automating our data streams. We love you, Zapier!


ConvertKit is an email marketing platform for professional bloggers. Easily create email sequences, tag subscribers, grow your list, and automate your email marketing.

ConvertKit allows TCF to operate more efficiently in pursuit of fulfilling its mission.


RideAustin is a non-profit TNC created by the Austin community & will be how cities of the future will embrace the ride sharing movement.

Testicular Cancer Foundation is proud to partner with RideAustin to save more lives.

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