Sponsorship & Partnerships

Thank you for considering joining TCF’s corporate team. Corporate partnerships allow us to bring awareness and education of testicular cancer, the most common cancer in males age 15-34, to the forefront while engaging employees and consumers for a positive cause.

Some of TCF’s mission-related activities cannot be accomplished as well as they can with collaboration and partnerships of like-minded organizations and companies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how you can become a Corporate Partner or Sponsor to our activities, events and outreach. A corporation can make outright grants, underwrite the cost of established and/or developing programs and help enable us to conduct various fundraising initiatives. These traditional forms of corporate gifts are extensions of a company’s commitment to philanthropy and are not been directly related to the company’s marketing endeavors.

Corporations sometimes base relationships with TCF on whether these relationships support business goals. This creates significant opportunities for TCF to enhance its ability to accomplish our mission in areas for-profit corporations and our mission intersect.