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2015 Donation Doubler Challenge

Austin based Non Profit, The Testicular Cancer Foundation looks to raise $250,000 in December with their “Donation Doubler” Campaign.

For the entire month of December, every dollar donated to the Testicular Cancer Foundation is doubled (up to $125k). This money goes to fuel their mission of creating education, awareness and support about Testicular Cancer – The most common cancer in males 15-34.

Matt Ferstler, survivor, founder, and CEO; “This is the most important fundraiser of the year for the foundation. It allows us to continue saving the lives of young men through education, awareness, and early detection, along with providing much needed support to those diagnosed.”

Testicular Cancer is the number one cancer in young men ages 15 to 34.  According to Ferstler, a self-exam can help detect some of the often overlooked signs of testicular cancer including a lump, hardness or swelling - which many times are not accompanied with any pain.”

Connor O’Leary, survivor, and Chief Mission Officer, “Fighting a disease that effects a demographic that is young, feels invincible at times, and is not always cognizant of cancer is an uphill battle. There is a young man dying every single day from a disease that is 99% curable if caught in stage one. Our mission is to change this statistic.”

Based in Austin, Texas, the Testicular Cancer Foundation provides educational materials - including shower cards with easy-to-understand information on monthly self-exams - throughout the country. They also have a national speakers' bureau providing in-person speeches and lectures to schools, parent organizations and groups with young men.

With complete transparency, The Testicular Cancer Foundation runs on a 100% model, meaning 100% of every dollar goes directly back to the cause. When someone donates, they can give with confidence, knowing their money is going straight to saving lives, and not salary or overhead.

If you are looking for a charity, or place to give this month, please consider the Testicular Cancer Foundation.


Contact:           Connor O’Leary

Tel:                  855.390.8231


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November – Ways You Can Raise Awareness for Men’s Health

November is once again upon us and we have more Men's Health initiatives than ever! We're excited to have so many partners involved this year and they're all eager to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer and want to save lives. Read below for more details on each organization that is donating time and money towards a great cause:

Beard Patrol

The Beard Patrol is a fundraiser that we've done before in November but has really kicked off this year. For the month of November, Police Officers can grow a moustache, goatee or beard for 30 days to support the Testicular Cancer Foundation. All donations raised from the Beard Patrol will go directly to the mission of the TCF to provide awareness, education and support about testicular cancer, the most common cancer in males ages 15–35.

Click here to start a fundraising team for your Police Department and join the teams below that are already growing beards for a great cause!

  • Austin Police Department
  • San Marcos Police Department
  • San Angelo Police Department
  • Temple Police Department
  • Belton Police Department
  • Morgan’s Point Resort Police Department
  • Waxahachie Police Department
  • Red Oak Police Department
  • Victoria Police Department



We are partnering with Tommy John once again for the #SupportYourBalls campaign. Eleven months out of the year, they support your pair with the most comfortable underwear on the planet. This November, they're providing extra support by educating you about testicular cancer with their limited edition print. Five percent of each pair sold goes directly to us! And even better, click here to get a discount of $20 off and automatically donate $10 to us. Also, be sure to check out their #BeautifulBalls contest on Instagram to see how you could win a free pair of Tommy John underwear!



Our friends over at Rhone Apparel have created a fun, new campaign for men to get involved with this month. This campaign is called Rowvember and has been making a great impact in the fitness community. But what is Rowvember? Throughout the month of November, Rhone is joining forces with the TCF in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Testicular Cancer education and support. Utilizing a powerful network of ambassadors, influencers and customers in addition to local efforts and media outlets, Rhone will issue a challenge to everyone who wants to participate: Give A Pair to Save a Pair. In other words, test your mettle by hopping on a stationary rower, going all out for 2 minutes and upload a picture of your distance. At the end, donate $1 for every 100 meters rowed and then, tag two friends and challenge them do the same. Click here to start rowing and get involved!


Rock My Bow Tie

Just like last November with Tommy John, our partner Rock My Bow Tie is selling limited edition moustache bow ties to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer! And, for each bow tie sold they are donating 20% of the proceeds to us. Click here to order yours today!


Cats vs Cancer

TCF recently formed a new partnership with another non-profit called Cats vs Cancer. They are an organization that chooses a cancer charity for each month and donates money to them by having their followers watch hilarious cat videos on their site! We are this month's beneficiary so be sure to check out their site as well as their blog article about our organization and why we're important for men's health.



We're happy to be partnering with Nextgengolf again for their annual #GolfStache fundraiser. #Golfstache is an annual tradition at the NCCGA, where the golfers grow out their mustaches for one month, in order to raise money and awareness for Testicular Cancer. Snap a photo and share it on Twitter or Instagram (just with the hashtag #Golfstache), and your photo will have the chance to raise money for the Testicular Cancer Foundation! TCF will also be on site in San Antonio raising awareness and educating these college students about Testicular Cancer! Visit their website here for more info.


Revolution Studio

Revolution Studio in Houston, TX is offering free yoga for all men during November! Better yet, they are donating a dollar to us for each man that goes to a yoga class. Men's health is important so be sure you make time for exercise and stop by Revolution Studio.



There are plenty of ways to get involved this month so go out and spread the word! If you have an idea of another event or fundraiser, just send an e-mail to and we'll be more than happy to help you with it.



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Press Release: Connor O’Leary Joins TCF Team as Chief Mission Officer


Connor O’Leary is a testicular cancer survivor and former member of the U.S. Cycling Team


Connor O’Leary joins the Testicular Cancer Foundation team as Chief Mission Officer for the organization. Connor recently won CBS’s ‘Amazing Race’ with his father, David O’Leary.


“Coming on board with the TCF is an incredible opportunity,” said O’Leary. Raising awareness about testicular cancer is something I am passionate about. I was diagnosed with TC when I was 19. It was scary; I was young, I thought I was bulletproof, and cancer wasn’t even on my radar. Since then, I have thought a lot about what I can do to fight TC, to help prevent young men from going through what I did - or at least be a resource for someone who was diagnosed - and Matt and the TCF team are one step ahead of me. To see that there is an organization like the TCF, and to see the good they are doing is inspiring. I just feel blessed to be a part. I am looking forward to working with them and saving lives.”


Matt Ferstler, survivor, founder and CEO of the Testicular Cancer Foundation says, “I’m grateful that Connor wanted to partner with us. His story is a powerful one and for all that he’s accomplished in spite of his cancer is inspiring for all young males. Our mission is awareness, education, and support and Connor will help our message have more reach.”


Testicular Cancer is the number one cancer in young males ages 15 to 35.  According to Ferstler, a self-exam can help detect some of the often overlooked signs of testicular cancer including a lump, hardness or swelling - which many times are not accompanied with any pain.  If detected early, however, the chance of survival exceeds 95%.


Based in Austin, Texas, the Testicular Cancer Foundation provides educational materials - including shower cards with easy-to-understand information on monthly self-exams - throughout the country. They also have a national speakers' bureau providing in-person speeches and lectures to schools, parent organizations and groups with young men.


For more information, visit



Matt Ferstler is available for television interviews, Skype interviews, or radio / telephone interviews.

Please contact Jessica Karlsruher at for scheduling.


Contact:         Jessica Karlsruher                                                 

Tel:                 512.605.0794


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TCF Advocate Ross Talks Testicular Cancer and Wacko Open on ESPN Central Texas Radio

TCF advocate and survivor Ross Dennis was featured on an interview with John Morris for ESPN Central Texas! He along with his mother Debbie mention how important it is for young males to learn about Testicular Cancer, the most common cancer in males 15-35. Ross was diagnosed at 21 not knowing anything about this disease so he made it his mission to share his story. Debbie was devastated when she learned that her son had cancer so she wants all parents to share with their sons our free shower cards so that they can check themselves once a month and detect the cancer early on.

They also bring up information about our first annual Wacko Open taking place on September 19! It's going to be a fun event but if you can't make it play golf, you can join us for the dinner or even for the Curtis Grimes benefit concert the night before! Sponsorship and Registration forms for the Wacko Open can be found here.

To listen to Ross and Debbie's full 10 minute interview, click here.

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Ivan Basso announces withdrawal from Tour de France due to Testicular Cancer diagnosis

Cycling veteran Ivan Basso made a shocking announcement last week that he is withdrawing from Tour De France‬ due to a Testicular Cancer diagnosis. He had crashed and later felt a pain in his left testicle which led him to see a doctor that confirmed it to be TCancer‬. His longtime rival, Lance Armstrong, sent him best wishes and understands exactly what he's going through. Check out this video of his press conference announcement:

Click here to read more about his diagnosis.

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Men’s Health Week and How You Can Get Involved

Men's Health Month is celebrated in June as a way to raise awareness about the importance of men's, boy's, and family health issues. We know that men's health is an important issue seeing how Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in men 15-34 years old. This is a big deal but what also needs to be addressed is the fact that this disease is beatable 99% of the time when detected early by a monthly self-exam. But this month, we're spreading that message in a big way.

We've recently partnered with Rhone Apparel, a men's athletic wear company, to help us spread our message to their demographic of active males. Not only that, they are also willing to donate to us 20% of sales from each pair of their new Valhalla Compressions Shorts sold. Swing by the Rhone Apparel site to see the athletic gear and tips they have to offer and be sure to #BuyAPairSaveAPair.

Another way we're spreading our life-saving message is by getting involved this week for Men's Health Week. We will be posting facts and health tips relating to Testicular Cancer as well as men's health in general. Stay tuned and be sure to share or retweet our content with hashtags #MensHealthMonth and #MensHealthWeek to spread the message to all men who need to hear these messages!

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Empower Radio Features Two Time TC Survivor Matt Froestad

Empower Radio is a website that provides positive programming to empower people in all areas of their lives. On their show 'The Cancer Warrior with Mel Majoros', our very own two time Testicular Cancer survivor Matt Froestad was featured. He goes into detail about his inspiring story of beating testicular cancer not once, but twice during his college years. He also mentions how important it is for men to perform a monthly self-exam and to see a doctor if they find anything suspicious. Matt mentions as well an interesting story on how he happened to meet our founder Matt at a Yankees game in New York City and how he's been involved with our organization ever since by raising awareness and joining our Speakers Bureau, which we are taking applications for now. For the full radio interview, click here.

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DC Hill Visit and TC 101 Briefing

The Testicular Cancer Foundation had a legislative briefing in Washington, DC last Thursday, April 30th, to wrap up Testicular Cancer Month and bring more awareness to our nation’s Capital. Our special guest was The Honorable Roger Williams (R-25) and we were fortunate to have board members present, including our board president, as well as representatives of the Men’s Health Network and Prevent Cancer. TCF also had successful congressional meetings about our education materials being taught in public schools!

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Texas Legislature Declares April as Testicular Cancer Month

Yesterday, the Texas Legislature in both the House and Senate not only recognized us as an organization, but also officially declared April as Testicular Cancer Month! We also got to walk around the offices of the Texas State Capitol to hand out our education materials to raise further awareness of Testicular Cancer. It was a huge day for us and none of it could've happened without the help of survivor Senator Kirk Watson as well as other survivors such as TCF Board President Justin Lindenmuth, TCF Founder & CEO Matt Ferstler, Jerry Bergman, and Ross Dennis. Our next step is now a Hill Day in Washington DC with a long term goal of having Testicular Cancer education mandatory in public schools!

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Help Raise Awareness This Month with #GainTheUpperHand Campaign

We are just over a week into Testicular Cancer Month and we'd like to thank you all for your participation! It's amazing how many of you changed your profile pictures and shared our content. There are some other ways you can get more involved as well.

Along with using the #TCmonth hashtag, you can use our #GainTheUpperHand hashtag to promote awareness of Testicular Cancer for this month. The #GainTheUpperHand campaign is something we'd like the world to see because it promotes not only early detection with your hands, but a healthy lifestyle in general. Only you have the power to take control of your health and stop Testicular Cancer before it spreads.

We have many followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we encourage you all to go to our Social Media page and download any of our graphics for your profile image or for you to post as well. You can even create your own image, post about your cancer journey, or take a picture with positive messages on your hands and if you add #GainTheUpperHand with #TCmonth, we'll re-post it with our thousands of followers as well!


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