Why does testicular cancer cause infertility?

Although testicular cancer and the related treatments can cause infertility, it is important to note that testicular cancer does not always cause infertility, and many men go on to have healthy biological children of their own. We do advise that you discuss the possible side effects of testicular cancer and treatments options before starting your treatment so that you are aware of the risks and what your options may be in relation to fertility.Testicular cancer is usually developed in only one testicle. The remaining testicle usually produces enough testosterone to keep you healthy.Chemotherapy can cause temporary or permanent infertility in men with testicular cancer. For men who want assurance that they will be able to father children after treatment have the option of storing sperm in a sperm bank. Advise with your doctors, but we recommend starting this process early on in your diagnosis. We believe it is better to be safe than sorry, even if you do not plan on having children now. We recommend banking sperm.