What is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month?

What is the official Testicular Cancer Awareness Month?The Men’s health arena has seen great strides in the last few years.  With the prominence of Movember in November, Men’s health month in June, and a handful of specialty cancer weeks throughout the year it can be hard to keep them all straight. While all of this is extremely important, Testicular Cancer Awareness Month can get lost in the shuffle. Although there are a handful of different references and sources for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, we recognize April as the official Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

Why Does Testicular Cancer need an entire month to raise awareness?By having an entire month to bring awareness and education to the masses we are able to greatly increase the likelihood of men performing testicular self exams.  Originally the first week of April (1-7) was recognized as Testicular Cancer Awareness Week.  Although the week is still recognized by many, the entire month of April has since been deemed as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.  Receiving an entire month was an enormous victory for the testicular cancer community and those trying to bring light to the disease.  It has enabled the awareness and education of TC to reach the masses.

Why is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month so important?Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-34.  We all have loved ones that are susceptible to this disease.  By having a dedicated month for Testicular Cancer, a spotlight has been placed on the disease about the importance of understanding the risks and warning signs to look. Through dedicating an entire month, it empowers individuals, survivors, organizations, and the media to get involved in the life saving mission of insuring men know the importance of being advocates for their own health, and particularly the importance of a monthly testicular self exam.

Is there one specific organization behind Testicular Cancer Awareness Month?The short answer is no.  Testicular Cancer Awareness Month is recognized and promoted by a host of credible well meaning organizations all working to help raise awareness, educate the public, and save lives.

What are the official Testicular Cancer Color(s)?As you look from organization to organization, you will notice that the colors and representation of the disease differ.  There has been some debate over the years on the correct color for testicular cancer awareness and coinciding ribbons.  While we feel that TCF Blue appropriately represents the disease and our organization, below are a few other colors that have been seen over the years.One of the original testicular cancer colors has been widely recognized as purple/violet. This color and representation of testicular cancer stems from the Orchid flower that shares the same color, and is a derivative of Orchis, the ancient Greek word for testicle. With Lance Armstrong and the LIVESTRONG foundation there has been reference to the color yellow. However LIVESTRONG represents an array of cancers, not just testicular cancer.There are also numerous organizations that use various shades of blue to represent their brand and personal testicular cancer efforts.

What can you do to get involved and help in the efforts for April?There are opportunities for every type of person and organization to aide in the efforts of the testicular cancer foundation and to raise much needed awareness for the disease. April is a great time to start, but don’t let April 30th stop your advocating efforts. We need help year round. Here are a few ways to get involved:-       

  • Host an event: Hosting an event is a great way to help raise awareness and get the community involved. Download the fundraising toolkit here.

  • Order Self Exams Shower Cards: Ordering shower cards for yourself, loved ones, friends, family, religious group, or business is a great way to help insure the men in your life know the importance of a self exam

  • Buy TCF merchandise: By wearing Testicular Cancer Foundation t-shirts and wristbands you not only look great, but you open up conversation about the disease which can create a dialogue on the importance of understanding the risks and warning signs of the disease. Set up a fundraising page: Setting up a fundraising page is easy, takes only a few minutes and is a great way to help the organization. By raising funds, you are able to help fund our crucial programs. The Testicular Cancer Foundation operates on a 100% model meaning overhead expenses are covered by “Angel Donors” so you can fundraise in peace knowing 100% of the funds raised are going directly to saving lives.

Where can I get a free shower card for myself, friend or loved one?We at the Testicular Cancer Foundation have an initiative to provide a free shower card to every household in America. Click Here to order your free shower card today.

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