TCF Advocate Ross Talks Testicular Cancer and Wacko Open on ESPN Central Texas Radio


TCF advocate and survivor Ross Dennis was featured on an interview with John Morris for ESPN Central Texas! He along with his mother Debbie mention how important it is for young males to learn about Testicular Cancer, the most common cancer in males 15-35. Ross was diagnosed at 21 not knowing anything about this disease so he made it his mission to share his story. Debbie was devastated when she learned that her son had cancer so she wants all parents to share with their sons our free shower cards so that they can check themselves once a month and detect the cancer early on.They also bring up information about our first annual Wacko Open taking place on September 19! It's going to be a fun event but if you can't make it play golf, you can join us for the dinner or even for the Curtis Grimes benefit concert the night before! Sponsorship and Registration forms for the Wacko Open can be found here.To listen to Ross and Debbie's full 10 minute interview, click here.

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