Pirelli World Challenge: Tim Mincey Sr. Races for Testicular Cancer


This past weekend, Tim Mincey, Sr. raced for us in the Pirelli World Challenge at Circuit of The Americas! Tim’s youngest daughter, Samantha, always wanted to see her dad race at the pro level. Not only did he achieve that goal, but he took it a step further by teaming up with us to raise awareness and education of Testicular Cancer, a disease he lost his close friend Stanley to. Through his entry in the TCB series, we were able to set up our tent and hand out education materials to those at the event, who fit perfectly with our demographic. Tim also got to park his #4 Go Nuts race car next to the tent for a photo op that attracted a lot of attention and fans. Thanks so much Tim!To learn more about Tim’s story and the Pirelli World Challenge, click here.

TCF NewsAnthony Zubia