Men's Health Week and How You Can Get Involved


Men's Health Month is celebrated in June as a way to raise awareness about the importance of men's, boy's, and family health issues. We know that men's health is an important issue seeing how Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in men 15-34 years old. This is a big deal but what also needs to be addressed is the fact that this disease is beatable 99% of the time when detected early by a monthly self-exam. But this month, we're spreading that message in a big way.We've recently partnered with Rhone Apparel, a men's athletic wear company, to help us spread our message to their demographic of active males. Not only that, they are also willing to donate to us 20% of sales from each pair of their new Valhalla Compressions Shorts sold. Swing by the Rhone Apparel site to see the athletic gear and tips they have to offer and be sure to #BuyAPairSaveAPair.Another way we're spreading our life-saving message is by getting involved this week for Men's Health Week. We will be posting facts and health tips relating to Testicular Cancer as well as men's health in general. Stay tuned and be sure to share or retweet our content with hashtags #MensHealthMonth and #MensHealthWeek to spread the message to all men who need to hear these messages!

TCF NewsAnthony Zubia