Help Raise Awareness This Month with #GainTheUpperHand Campaign


We are just over a week into Testicular Cancer Month and we'd like to thank you all for your participation! It's amazing how many of you changed your profile pictures and shared our content. There are some other ways you can get more involved as well.Along with using the #TCmonth hashtag, you can use our #GainTheUpperHand hashtag to promote awareness of Testicular Cancer for this month. The #GainTheUpperHand campaign is something we'd like the world to see because it promotes not only early detection with your hands, but a healthy lifestyle in general. Only you have the power to take control of your health and stop Testicular Cancer before it spreads.We have many followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we encourage you all to go to our Social Media page and download any of our graphics for your profile image or for you to post as well. You can even create your own image, post about your cancer journey, or take a picture with positive messages on your hands and if you add #GainTheUpperHand with #TCmonth, we'll re-post it with our thousands of followers as well!

TCF NewsAnthony Zubia