Divide and Conquer Testicular Cancer


Tour Divide 2016 from Connor O'Leary on Vimeo

2,745 Miles to Conquer Testicular Cancer

A message from TCF Chief Mission Officer, Connor O'Leary:Starting July 1st, I plan to ride over 2,745 miles in less than 15 days. Tour Divide is longer than the Pacific Crest Trail. It spans 2 countries, 5 states and riders climb over 200,000 feet (that’s climbing Mt. Everest 7 times), often through stretches of 100+ miles with no civilization. We start in Banff, Canada and carry all of our own gear, riding unsupported, until we reach the finish line on the US/Mexico border. I expect to deal with rain, snow, sleet, extreme heat, and wind, as well as wildlife – we ride through the world’s most dangerous Grizzly Bear and Cougar territory – all while averaging over 180 miles in the saddle a day.To help me conquer testicular cancer, the following people are helping me raise funds for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

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