A Note from the CEO

Welcome to the 2016 Testicular Cancer Foundation digital annual report. Last year was a big year for TCF. After 7 years at the helm, TCF founder and CEO, Matt Ferstler, took a step back from the day-to-day operations of the organization and assumed the role of Chairman of the Board.

Testicular Cancer first impacted my family in 2005 through the diagnosis of my father. It was the first time I was affected so personally by a disease I had come to learn about through years of working as a pharmacy technician.

Cancer is one of those things that doesn't affect you until it does. For me, my fathers diagnosis put me on an irrevocable path that set me on a course both personally and professionally. After 7 years of friendship with Matt Ferstler, I was honored that he would consider me as his successor.

This past year has been an important one for the staff here at TCF. As I transitioned from my role as COO at Stupid Cancer to CEO of TCF, I found myself walking a familiar path, getting to know the organization and the needs of those at risk and affected by testicular cancer in a more meaningful way.

I am proud of the work that our volunteers, staff, and Board does each and every day. The following report outlines the 2016 results of our online and offline programs. I look forward to watching these results continue to grow over the coming years as TCF continues to build upon its deep roots in the TC community.

Kenny KaneChief Executive Officer

Staff and Board

Brandon Laviage
Dennis Ferstler

Matt Ferstler
Stuart Ford

Justin Lindenmuth
Mark Reinking

Rick Zimmerman
Lee Alper

Relaunch of TesticularCancer.org

On September 1st, the staff relaunched our online resource portal at TesticularCancer.org. With the new website came an increase in traffic, customer service inquiries, support, and education through our self-exam page.

As the months progress, we continue to see an uptick in growth both online and offline. Our goals for 2017 include bringing in more contributors to share their TC experience as well as expanding our FAQ section.

508% Increase

in Self-Exam Page Views

(2015 v. 2016)

153% Increase

in Q4 Web Traffic

(Compared to traffic throughout Q1-Q3)


New Visitors


Monthly AdWords Impressions

We Joined The Beard Patrol





$25,273.12 Raised

for Programs & Services

A note from the Chief Mission Officer

As I look back on 2016 and review the leaps and bounds this organization has made in such a short amount of time, I cannot help but be proud of all that we have accomplished at TCF. While we contribute our success to the hard work of the staff, the input from the board, our gracious partners, and countless volunteers; I want to take a moment to highlight and honor our TCF Ambassadors who have pushed and elevated this organization to new heights.

As the Chief Mission Officer I have the opportunity to work first hand with our TCF Ambassadors. I am humbled every single day by the willingness of these men to serve and help in our mission. It is too often we speak to newly diagnosed men who don’t know where to turn for help. We have the ability to connect them with an ambassador that has had a similar diagnosis, lives nearby, is close in age, and with someone who can be there to simply lend an ear. That is exactly why Cory Jackson joined the Ambassador Program

“When I was diagnosed I knew nothing about TC so the experience was completely foreign and overwhelming. Being a part of the TCF Ambassador’s has given me the chance to not only spread awareness around TC but also to be a resource so those diagnosed don’t feel alone in their fight.”

Through actively seeking opportunities to educate, speak, fundraise, and provide support to newly diagnosed patients, this program has become the cornerstone in our organization. Thanks to our faithful army of survivors! We look forward to building, growing, and providing more survivors the opportunity to join the mission in 2017.

Connor O'LearyChief Mission Officer

We Educated

About the TSE Shower Card Program

The TCF TSE Shower Card is a monthly reminder to perform a self-exam in the shower. Each brochure comes with information about a testicular cancer diagnosis and the Testicular Cancer Foundation.


Shower Cards


We Listened, Learned & Marched Forward

About the TCF Ambassador Program

The TCF Ambassador Program (formerly Speakers Bureau) is a network of TC survivors, and most of us love to talk! Our mission is to educate others about Testicular Cancer and the importance of the self-exam.

In August 2016, 7 testicular cancer survivors participated in our annual TCF Ambassador weekend. Participants go through a formal training on how to best convey their TC experience and socialize in a weekend of community and survivorship.

We Circulated

Through our partnership with Sanders/Wingo, our PSA was placed in Sports Illustrated issues throughout 2016.


in Circulation

Thank You to our Partners & Sponsors